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How Redmine plugin «Luxury buttons» helps you to plan and control tasks in Redmine.

How Redmine plugin «Luxury buttons» helps you to plan and control tasks in Redmine.

Redmine task management system works great for developers, but it`s difficult for use in corporate environment. We use Redmine in corporate environment more than 2 years and want to share this experience.

In this article we will discuss how you can plan and control tasks in Redmine by executor.

In standard Redmine you can create tasks and work with them. But build a nice, and most importantly handy lifecycle of tasks in Redmine is very difficult. In the standard Redmine it`s difficult to control issues by Executor. Each issue has a field "Assigned", but there is no field "Executor."

Of course, Redmine allows you to create custom fields with type "User". But it`s extremely inconvenient for end user to transfer issue to another state editing the whole form.

redmine plugin luxury buttons update

Redmine plugin «Luxury Buttons» provides a lot of opportunities for editing issues and allow you to use Redmine for a wider range of tasks. The plugin allows you to configure the lifecycle of issues and work with the issue through handy buttons that perform strictly limited set of actions and displayed depending on specified display conditions. This approach allows to reduce user error, as each user is allowed to do only what he has to do in this situation.

With plugin «Luxury buttons» it`s possible to implement a more convenient issue planning and control of execution. How to do it?

How we assign issues to executors

Customizing a button to assign an issue to a particular employee, we can add some additional functionality for the conservation of the employee in a separate custom field with type "User". Let`s call this field "Executor." This approach will allow us to know who was the executor of issue at any stage of its lifecycle.

redmine plugin luxury buttons assign

At the moment of assigning an issue, an employee from the field "Assigned" is automatically copied to the field "Executor".

redmine plugin luxury buttons issue

This avoids human error. In standard Redmine you would have to put down the same employee in both fields.
redmine plugin luxury buttons issue update

Thanks to fixation of "Executor" in issue, we can more intelligently control the execution of issues. No matter on whom the task is in the moment, the person responsible for execution of the task will be installed in the "Executor" field. We can customize a standard Redmine issue request to control issues within a month, breaking issues by executors. Thus, we can see a kind of "Personal Work Plan" of employees, where you can control the process of execution issues in Redmine.

redmine plugin luxury buttons work plan

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