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Unread Issues Plugin

Unread Issues Plugin

The plugin implements a convenient functionality of monitoring changes in Redmine issues.

  • You will always be able to see a number of issues assigned to you, number of new issues and number of changed issues throught the indicators in the top menu.
  • In any issue list you will see indicators which inform you that the task was not read by you or changed since the last view.

How does informing work in the «Unread Issues» plugin

Plugin removes useless menu-item «Home» in main menu and replaces it with the link «My issues» with three indicators, the following values:
  • Shows the number of issues, according to query, selected in plugin settings (the most logically is to count issues, assigned to you).
  • Shows the number of new issues, according to selected query, that you have not viewed yet.
  • Shows the number of issues, according to selected query, which had changes since your last view.

In the list of issues, before the title of the issue, appears colored indicators that show the current status of the issue. A green circle - if the issue is new and you have not viewed it yet. A blue circle - if the issue had any changes since your last view.

More information about our plugin "Unread Issues" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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