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Usability Plugin

Usability Plugin

Plugin for Redmine, which allows to improve the usability of Redmine.

  • You will get a lot of useful enhancements that will improve Redmine usability: ability to replace the standard preloader that blocks the entire page; ability to hide the sidebar and others.
  • In case of error, Redmine user will receive an informative message with contact information of administrator. With plugin «Service Desk», user can quickly create a request for error correction.
  • With plugin «Hierarchy», you can quickly create issues, requests and other entities, assigning work to subordinates, not thinking about which projects they are in.

What the plugin «Usability» do.

Plugin «Usability» allows to minimize the appearance of progress indicators of issue. And also allows to automatically calculate sum by numerical columns in tables, which is useful in the evaluation of spent and scheduled time.

You will be able to download all attachments in a zip-archive with one click. This is very useful when issue or other entity contains a lot of attachments (eg, pictures).

You will be able to hide the sidebar that can be useful when working with a large amount of information on a laptop or tablet.

You will be able to minimize the interface of sign in and change the page which will be shown to user after authorization.

In case of error the user will be notified with the contact information of the employee, responsible for the work of Redmine. With plugin «Service Desk» user in a single click can create a request for error correction, which will be sent to the right address.

 If you have module «Hierarchy» installed, then you can quickly create issues and other entities assigned to your immediate subordinates.

More information about our plugin "Usability" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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