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Global Roles Plugin

Global Roles Plugin

Plugin for Redmine, allows administrators to easily configure privileges, and the programmer to use the system roles is Redmine projects.

  • Be able to use system of rights in Redmine outside projects.
  • Redmine administrator will be able to conveniently configure and monitor the system privileges.

What the plugin «Global Roles» do

Plugin «Global Roles» brings concept of «global role» to Redmine. Global roles can be used in side modules where activities of the user are not related with the projects. For example, it may be working with documents, applications, planning , payroll calculation, administration settings KPI etc.

The plugin adds an extra tab to edit page of the user or group — «Global Roles», where such role can be added or removed.

For ease of administration, tabs «Users with global role» and «Users with project role» are now added to the role settings

Expanded the ability to customize the standard «project roles» right out from the role settings on the «Users with project role» tab. Now the administrator can quickly set up the necessary privileges for groups and users, without opening each of them individually.
This plugin is necessary in other Redmine modules to get opportunities of outside the project privileges, and can be used to develop your solutions. There were introduced two new methods for the programmers that are used in the code of other plugins:
  • User.current.global_permission_to?(:permission_name) or User.current.global_permission_to?(:controller, :action) - to check the user global privileges.
  • Method authorized_globaly? - before_filter for checking the availability of the requested action in the controller for the current user.

More information about our plugin "Global Roles" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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