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RM+ Devtools Plugin

RM+ Devtools Plugin

Plugin for Redmine, allows to speed up development in Redmine, monitor performance problems, memory leaks, etc.

  • Get information of the requests, the rendering speed of views and spent time, without looking into log-files.
  • Analyze the logs for memory consumption, delays, etc.
  • In the development of plugins you do not have to restart the web-server after changing images, js-files or cascading style sheets.

What the plugin «RM+ Devtools» do

Plugin «RM+ Devtools» allows to speed up the development of plugins for Redmine, reducing the number of restarts of the web-server, and also use of external tools of application developer on Rails.

Use of rack-mini-profiler will allow to analyze the queries directly in the web-based interface. You will be able to analyze queries even on a production server. You will be able to determine for which users displayed debugging information on the page (this is useful when performance problems occur only at particular users).

Use of the tool oink allows to analyze the logs for memory consumption. Just turn on the option in the interface and restart the serve

More information about our plugin "RM+ Devtools" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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