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Custom Menu Plugin

Custom Menu Plugin

Plugin for Redmine, that allows to adjust the structure and items of Redmine menu.

  • Allows you to customize the menu structure in Redmine and to add nested elements to group similar items in a drop-down list.
  • Allows you to create your static menu items.
  • Allows you to fold rarely used links in a separate drop-down list on Redmine pages.

How plugin «Custom Menu» allows you to customize the menu structure.

Redmine plugin «Custom Menu» implements the ability to customize the main Redmine menu for your needs.

You can now manage menu items by simply dragging. You will be able to set up separately as main menu, as well as user profile menu.

You can hide in the drop-down menu rarely used links from pages «Redmine».

«Custom Menu»
More information about our plugin "Custom Menu" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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