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Extra Queries Plugin


Extra Queries Plugin

Plugin that changes the interface of creation standard Redmine queries and simplifies filtering of tasks.

  • Upgrades interface of creation standard Redmine queries, simplifies the search for necessary values in the list.
  • Allows to sort Redmine issues by multiple fields. It is not necessary to create query.
  • Allows to split Redmine queries by categories in the sidebar.
  • Allows to pin up important or frequently used Redmine issue queries and change their order by simply mouse dragging.

How plugin «Extra Queries» simplifies the work with standard Redmine queries.

Redmine plugin «Extra Queries» simplifies the interface of filtering and query creation. Query can be directly saved from the interface of issue filtration. The filtering interface itself will become more plain and concise.

Adding and removing filtration conditions significantly simplifies. You will be able to search for the desired field. The values of all fields will be sorted alphabetically.
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You will be able to sort issues by multiple fields (you do not need to create a query for this). The display order of fields can be changed by dragging the mouse.

Chaotic set of links in the sidebar will be grouped by category and can be hidden in the drop-down panel. Each user will be able to pin up for themselves the necessary queries and sort them. Redmine administrator can pin up and sort queries for all user groups without the possibility of detachment. Sorting is implemented by dragging the mouse.

More information about our plugin "Extra Queries" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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