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User Mentions Plugin


User Mentions Plugin

Plugin allows to mention user in any rich-text field of Redmine.

  • You will be able to mention user by typing part of his name, surname or user login and selecting the desired user from the drop down list.
  • When used together with the plugin «Hierarchy», link to user will open a modal window with useful contact information about the user. This will simplify the use of Redmine in a corporate environment.

How plugin «User Mentions» allows to mention users.

In any text field you can mention user. To do this, type «@» symbol and start typing the name. You will see list with available variants. Search is performed by surname, first name and user login. The desired user can be quickly selected by arrows on the keyboard and pressing «Enter». Mentioned user will be displayed as link to profile or contact information.

After saving object users will see the link to information about the user.

When used together with the plugin «Hierarchy», a new window with detailed contact information about the user will be displayed.

More information about our plugin "User Mentions" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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