четверг, 11 декабря 2014 г.

Single Authentication Plugin


Single Authentication Plugin

Plugin that implements an opportunity of transparent authentication and allows the flexibility to handle security and user authentication in a corporate environment based on Ldap and Active Directory.

  • Implements a transparent user authentication based on the accounts of side authentication server (for example, a domain controller Microsoft active directory) and eliminates the need to enter a password when logging in Redmine.
  • Allows to display a splash screen that prevents viewing information from the screen, if the user moved away, forgetting lock the computer.
  • Allows automatic user logout by timeout.
  • Allows to increase security with two-factor authentication by sending SMS-messages with one-time password (Requires plugin «Hierarchy», and the corporate server of sending SMS-messages).

How SSO plugin transparently authenticates user with a domain controller Microsoft Active Directory.
  • When the user tries to log in Redmine, the browser sends to the web-server information about the user logged into the system.
  • NTLM-module of web-server (for example, mod_ntlm for Apache server) applies to settings specified in LDAP/AD-server asking for user authentication in a domain.
  • The domain controller authenticates the user, the authentication module of web-server transmits the user login to a secure server variable.
  • Redmine plugin «SSO», receives value of the user's login and authorizes it in Redmine.
  • If the user does not exist in the system, and the ability to create a user on-the-fly is on, it will be automatically created and forwarded to the user's page. 

More information about our plugin "Single Auth" you can get on plugin page of our site http://rmplus.pro

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  1. Подскажите работает ли с nginx?

  2. Для nginx надо найти ntlm модуль. Мы не искали. Но если найти, то настроить можно.